Dedicated Web Designers & Graphic Designers

At Programming People our web designers have not only the experience, but also the enthusiasm, creativity and to think out-of-the-box. All the elements required to make a great website. We can turn your idea or a concept into a spectacular website, which stands out in the crowd.

We offer our offshore clients the opportunity to hire our senior graphic designers as a dedicated resource with complete in-house access. Your get to enjoy amazing cost benefits and the flexibility of paying either on monthly or project basis.

Why should you hire our senior web designers?

  • Our senior web designers have a track record of successfully completing web-designing projects for our offshore clients
  • We provide our clients with direct control and they are involved at every stage of the project
  • We have the infrastructure in place thereby saving you additional costs
  • Get the services of a talented pool of web designers at cost effective rates and no hidden charges
  • Our clients are saved from the trouble of hiring full time contractors
  • Our team of web designers specializes in web 2.0 and SEO friendly designing

Skill Sets of our Web Designers

  • Our web designers possess more than 4 years of commercial experience
  • They are proficient in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, HTML, XTML and CSS.
  • All our web designers hold university degree in IT
  • They have the experience of designing corporate identity designs, business card design, logos, flyers and converting them into HTML
  • They are proficient in working with different design tools and have a diverse portfolio of creating custom websites and e-commerce website designing.

Skill Sets of our Brochure Designer

  • Our brochure designers possess a thorough knowledge of printing and are capable of developing all kinds of layouts.
  • Possess a degree in Fine Arts and are involved in multi-level designing
  • They are certified graphic professionals and possess skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Quark Express, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw
  • All our designers possess more than 4 years of commercial experience

Icon and Logo Designer

  • Our icon and logo designers are certified graphic professionals with extensive experience in multi-level designing
  • They possess skills in adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Image Ready
  • Our designers have knowledge of Fine Arts and are capable of visualizing concepts
  • All our designers possess more than 4 years of commercial experience

Flash Designer

  • Our flash designers have the experience of creating truly superlative flash objects and designs
  • Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of the database server and action scripts
  • They are experienced in multi-level design and possess extensive knowledge of Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Flash with Action Script, Adobe Photoshop and Java scripts.
  • All our flash designers have more than 4 years of commercial experience

Technology Expertise

The Programming People Difference

Many Offshore & IT consulting organizations are having services / solutions similar to Programming People , & Make strong claims about better services, And Still tens of thousands clients selects Programming People for their Outsourcing needs for customize development & support services. Know more about "Programming People Difference" and get to know what makes us unparallel from others

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